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Youth Peer Mediation Training Guide


Youth Peer Mediation that's Changing Lives... Changing Schools.


What’s This Campaign About? The “Increase The Peace... Just Be Cool Campaign” is a national campaign designed for youth of all ages. It is designed to promote peace, build future leaders, and enhance school pride and to teach each student the art of  “mediation” and proper conflict resolution skills.  


What Is Mediation?  Mediation is a tool that you and I can use to talk out our problems or conflict. It focuses on both you and me. It’s not one sided. I’ve used mediation before and it really works! The coolest thing about it... I became a peer mediator at my school and now I’m helping my friends solve their problems. I tell them to stop all of the fighting! Let’s mediate this!  


Why Should I Get Involved? Because we are the future... It’s up to you to show my classmates and me a different way. This program is even designed with you in mind. Guess what??? It is designed so that while you teach me this art form called mediation, you will become one too.


How Do I Get Started? Contact Pinnacle Training & Publishing. They provide you with the information and forms need to set up, administer, and maintain an effective In-House Youth Peer Mediation Program.

Mediation Works...

  • Fights decreased 33% Other violation decreased 42% (assaults, harassment, class cuts, insubordination, disrespectful behavior, and offensive language)”  William G. – High School Administrator

  • “Other schools and youth-serving organizations would benefit from such a self-sustaining In-House Youth Peer Mediation Program as well.”  Dr. Mayo – Superintendent of Schools, CT. 

  • Peer mediation has been a successful tool in our building this year. The mediators love running mediations & helping to solve conflicts. Our 4th and 6th grade students come to mediation most often. It has taught some of our students that they can resolve problems before it leads to a fight or administrative issue. I am happy we started this program and already have students asking if they can be mediators next school year.     - Cynthia McCobb, Teacher

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Mediation Student Handbook

This Campaign works to rebuild the self-esteem of both the Bully and the Bullied, while at the same time creating Youth Peer Mediators and Cool Youth Leaders throughout your student population.   A brief outline of the Campaign is below:  



Increase-the-Peace... Just Be COOL Campaign 

  1. Establish an In-House Youth Peer Mediation Program – Youth Peer Mediation Training

  2. Commit to the 10-in-4 Plan – Train 10% or 20% of youth in 4 years

  3. Use Youth Peer Mediators and Cool Youth Leaders as co-trainers

  4. Produce Cool Youth: Use the Cool Calm Clever Training – Leadership Training

The Increase-the-Peace Cool Schools Campaign allows each youth program to perpetuate their In-House Youth Peer Mediation Program year after year and produce Cool Youth Leaders throughout their youth population. It multiplies the number of mediators and leaders entering into the schools and youth environments.  Each year the previously trained Mediation Coordinators and Youth Peer Mediators will train new members, thus, developing Youth Peer Trainers.


This concept is proactive, positive, and innovative. Conflict management strategies are common threads interwoven throughout the Campaign.  Success of the Campaign is ensured by our user-friendly training packages; the ever-increasing level of confidence of the Campaign Coordinators, Youth Peer Mediators, and the Cool Youth Leaders; and their continual expanding knowledge and experience of the mediation process and the Cool leadership skills.    


This program puts in place an In-house Mediation Program that perpetuates itself and will continue forever since it has a sturdy foundation.

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