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About This Self Teaching Mediation Instructional Guide

This manual is an easy-to-follow mediation training for individuals who may not have the time to attend a full 40-hour mediation training. There is the flexibility of training at your own pace, or there may not be trainings available in your area.


The purpose of this manual is to provide easy-to-follow instruction in mediation training for individuals. This method has a documented record of accomplishment for improving relations and reducing conflict and its many ramifications.

We spend more time and dollars on problems that could be prevented. Over 85% of the average social service dollar is spent on treating preventable problems rather than on actual prevention. Mediation training is a prevention approach. It prepares you to meet daily challenges with improved critical thinking skills.

Included In This Mediation Training

Through this Self-Teaching approach, we teach you the following skills:


  • Skills and theories of mediation.

  • Practical conflict management.

  • The causes of conflict.

  • Conflict management styles.

  • Dealing with angry people.

  • Cross-cultural mediating skills.

  • Writing a workable agreement.

  • Realistic activities.

  • Mediating techniques: the art of neutrality, the art of questioning, and the art of listening.


In addition to teaching mediation and critical thinking skills, the training also helps develop:

  • Communication skills. Communication skills enhance your ability to speak and write effectively, and can help you avoid assumptions and other obstacles to effective social exchange.

  • Problem solving skills.  Problem solving skills improve your ability to identify the real problem and its key issues so that you may find a satisfactory solution. This training teaches ways to organize facts in a meaningful way, analyze conflict situations, and use common sense in complex problem solving situations.

  • Public speaking skills.  Public speaking skills introduces you to public speaking, helps you become aware of possible fears of speaking before groups, and teaches you how to deal with nervous speaking habits.

Mediation is an effective alternative to . . .

*   Bullying      *  Fighting    *Physical Violence   *  Verbal Violence


Mediation saves time, energy, and cost spent on conflict by REDUCING . . .

*  Punishment    *  Suspensions    *  Expulsions *   Physical Damage    *  Emotional Damage     *  Property Damage


Mediation helps to meet daily conflicts with improved critical thinking skills.

Mediation also creates a more peaceful environment. 

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