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Everyday Mediation- Trainers Manual

Everyday Mediation- Trainers Manual


The purpose of this manual is to provide easy-to-follow instruction in mediation training for individuals who are not formal trainers or who have little training experience.

The methods provided have a documented track record and have been thoroughly tested and proven by the authors through our local schools, courts (juvenile and adult), churches, and community centers. The authors have been mediating and providing mediation training to youth and adults for over 25 years.


332 pages

  • Train-the-Trainer Manual

    This Trainers Manual is 332 pages.

    Included in Training

    This mediation program provides 8 training sessions. Through this proven Train-the-Trainer (TtheT) approach, participants are educated in the following:

    • Skills and theories of mediation
    • Practical conflict management
    • The causes of conflict
    • Conflict management styles
    • Dealing with angry people
    • Cross-cultural mediating skills
    • Co-mediating and mediating solo
    • Mediating techniques: the art of neutrality, the art of questioning, and the art of listening
    • Writing a workable agreement
    • Realistic role plays for hands-on practice
    • Critical thinking, communications, and public speaking skills
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