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Pinnacle Training & Publishing is a Connecticut Professional Development Provider approved by the Commissioner of Education. 


Our Training History & Programs


Pinnacle Training and Publishing, LLC (PTP) has specialized in training, prevention, and empowerment for over 25 years. We provide behavior modification training and consultation in critical thinking skills and life/social skills for adults and youth. Our training offers answers to life’s tough situations; shows how to improve deficient, negative behaviors; and provide more options for difficult decision-making.


 As stated earlier, our training methods have a successful, documented 25-year-old track record. These methods have been thoroughly tested and proven by tens of thousands of adults and youth through our local schools, courts (juvenile and adult), jails, prisons, churches, community centers, organizations, and businesses.


Interwoven throughout our training and strategic planning processes is the concept of demonstrating critical thinking skills to participants from ages 5 to 70+, and from different racial and social status groups.    We have over 25 years of developing and implementing training programs, using the peer-to-peer concept, in the topics listed below:

  • Mediation/Conflict Resolution: Court, Schools, Parent-Teen, Child & Family Visitation, and Workplace Mediation

  • Different ≠ Wrong (Cultural Diversity)

  • Getting My Act Together (Leadership)

  • Public Speaking

  • Situation/Problem-Solving

  • Effective Communications

  • Organizational/Staff Development

  • Effective Meetings

  • Group Dynamics

  • Planning And Organizing

  • Leadership

  • Job Readiness

Pinnacle Training & Publication (PTP) has professionally dealt with issues of cultural diversity and empowerment for over 25 years.  PTP provides training for top levels of management in cultural diversity and other such topics about unequal sharing of power:

  • Racism

  • Biases

  • Stereotypes

  • Prejudices

  • Unintentional Racism/Prejudices

  • Mediating Biases



At the other end of the scale, PTP provides training to grass-root organizations and individuals in topics concerning empowerment and organizational skills: communication, situation/problem-solving, mediation/conflict resolution, planning and organizing, public speaking, and leadership.

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