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Strong Commitments


            We have committed our efforts into three major arrears: organizational development, empowering the powerless, and youth development.  We have also committed some of our time to train and provide our published training manuals for under-served, disadvantaged populations; grass-root organizations; individuals; and youth and organizations that work with youth.


Organizational Development:

We have Racism, Biases, Stereotypes, Prejudices, Unintentional Racism/Prejudices, and Mediating Biases.


Empowering the Powerless:

At the other end of the scale, we provide training to grass-root organizations and individuals in topics concerning empowerment (taking power) and the organizational skills needed by under-served and disadvantaged communities seeking to participate in the decision-making processes within their communities: communication, situation/problem-solving, conflict resolution/mediation, negotiations, public speaking, effective meetings, planning and organizing, and leadership.  We prepare them to effectively organize and strategize.  These populations are typically in high crime, high violence, and/or low income communities.


Youth Development:

Train youth and youth workers with material designed . We have trained youth in schools, community centers, churches, drill teams, residential facilities, gangs, jails, and prisons.

Our training material is designed to reach those individuals who might otherwise .Extra effort is channeled toward this : ex-offenders, inmates, gang members, and youth in foster care and homeless.

  • Youth from non-read age groups (5-7)

  • The ‘tweens (between the non-read group and the teenagers, ages 8-12)

  • The teenagers (13-19)

  • The young adults (20-29)

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